Selection Criteria and Categories of Awards

Category A: Power Institute Award for Artists/Craftspeople

Applicants may be from any of the fields of the visual arts including performance, video and multi media art and at any level of his/her profession. The Cité is not designed primarily for students but rather for the artist who wishes to spend time in Paris and whose career will be strongly influenced by a stay in Paris. The committee is looking for professional practising artists. Such an artist may be an emerging artist of unusual talent or someone who is already recognised and well advanced in their profession with a substantial record of achievement in the arts.  The award is a three month residency.

Category B: Power Institute Award for Art Critics, Art Writers, Art Curators, Art Historians or Art Administrators

Applicants must have a substantial record of achievement in the visual arts and be able to describe the expected benefits from the award. The Power Institute has a focus on modern and contemporary art and visual culture, including cinema, photography and new media, but welcomes projects dealing with other periods and cultures. Applicants in Category B should address this in the objectives of the project.  The award is a three month residency.

Category C: Power Institute Award for Staff of the University of Sydney, PhD research students of the University of Sydney

Applicants must be employees of the University of Sydney, including those on casual, temporary or fixed term appointments who have been employed for at least one year by the University of Sydney. In particular, applications are invited from staff members of the Department of Art History,  Film Studies, Sydney College of the Arts, the Chau Chak Wing Museum and University Galleries who wish to pursue particular projects of artwork, research, administrative or internship training which would be strongly influenced by a stay in Paris. The award is a three month residency.

General Criteria

·  The committee will look for applications which explicitly address the potential for a residency in Paris and at the Cité Internationale des Arts to further their professional development at this stage of their career, as an artist, scholar or curator.

·  Applicants must show how their projects will specifically benefit from a residency in Paris. The committee will examine how applicants seek to use the use of resources at the Cité des Arts or the wider city of Paris. We recommend that applications include specific references to sources, collaborations, institutions or artistic resources in their application

·  The ability to speak French would also be an advantage but is not essential.

·  Applicant must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

·  The successful applicant must submit a report detailing their outcomes at the end of their residency.

The awards are selected by a committee chaired by the Director of the Power Institute. Please note that $6,000 (AUD) is provided towards travel and living expenses and there are charges levied by the Cite for which the Fellows are responsible. Payment will be made approximately 6 weeks prior to travel. Successful applicants will need to have sufficient funds if they would like to book air tickets well in advance of commencement of residency.

Application Form and Information

Closing Date for Applications 11 July, 2022

General Enquiries: The Power Institute Foundation for Art & Visual Culture | E:

About the Cité Internationale des Arts

Address: 18, rue de l'Hôtel de Ville, 75180, Paris Cedex 04.  T: (33) 1 42 78 71 72   E:


The Cité Internationale des Arts is a non-profit international arts centre formed in Paris under joint government and private sponsorship in September 1957. The first building of the centre was opened in July 1965 and consisted of 135 studio apartments. This has now expanded to 300 studios in two buildings. The aim of the scheme is to open the way for artists in many fields and from many countries to gather together in Paris, to work, to discuss and exchange ideas, to contribute to each other’s development and to absorb all that Paris has to offer as one of the world’s great centres of artistic expression.

The Cité is located at 18, rue de l’Hotel de Ville, 75180 Paris Cedex 04, which is on the Right Bank of the Seine opposite the Ile St Louis, in an area known as ‘Le Marais’. Each studio is designed for the special use of a painter, sculptor, engineer, architect, musician, dancer, choreographer or filmmaker. The complex includes a meeting room, a rehearsal room for musicians, a television room, two large exhibition rooms and a concert hall which seats 150 people.

The applicant selected for a given studio will pay no rent during their occupancy. However a monthly operational charge is payable, and must be paid in Euros at the beginning of each month, which covers electricity, heating and running costs of the studio.  The monthly services charge will depend on the size of the studio.  Please note the payment is subject to change annually, and it is payable to the Cité. A refundable deposit equivalent to one month’s charge is also payable to the Cité prior to your residency commencement date. Each artist is entitled to a studio with bedroom, bath, and kitchenette. A spouse may accompany the applicant, but the studios are not sufficiently large to accommodate children adequately. Small families consisting of two adults and one small child, however, are usually admitted. There is an additional fee for extra guests.

Those studios constructed have been sold on an individual basis either to foreign governments or private patrons of the arts. The University of Sydney purchased the studio under the J.J.W. Power Bequest.

Past winners include:

Category A: Zanny Begg, Aleks Danko, Anne Graham, Ben Ferris, Gabriella Hirst, Catherine O’Donnell

Category B: Prudence Ahrens, Gordon Bull, John Conomos, Amelia Groom, Tracey Lock, Cassi Plate

Category C: Ivan Cerecina, John Di Stefano, Vigen Galstyan, Markela Panegyres,  Martin Polkinghorne,


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