The Power institute is making available $6000 per year to support outreach, course enrichment and event convening by members of the Art History Department (including Film Studies and Museum and Heritage Studies). Such activities might include invitations to speakers, organization of workshops, student-facing field trips.

The maximum sum awarded will be $2000, and so may serve either as stand-alone funding for smaller activities or a seed grant to help attract other sources of support for larger projects.

This fund is not designed to cover costs of staff research trips, infrastructure, computers or teaching relief. Honoraria, especially for international visitors, are discouraged due to practical complications; per diems or reimbursement of expenses may be offered as alternatives.

Funding is for activities to be held from 2018 through the first half of 2019 to allow for planning and application to other funds. Power’s contribution will include modest publicity support via social media, but does not cover event organization or any other logistical support. Grantees will be asked to coordinate dates with Power to avoid scheduling conflicts and should acknowledge Power support as appropriate.

Applications will only be accepted via Submittable and should include a description of the proposed activity, event description, total project event budget, and a budget narrative (paying specific attention to the costs being requested of Power).

Applications will be due March 30 for events in 2018 and early 2019.